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On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=10_alexa_birth?image_id=3251 said:
Nice easy projects for fall decorating. Nicely written and illustrated with color photos of virually all projects. Projects are not too copicmlated, but more decorative than scary. More fall oriented than strictly Halloween. I prefer Martha Stewarts book; it was smilar but more original.

On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=10_alexa2?posting=10_alexa_birth?image_id said:
I am a deotmrac. I agree with the people making the law and the law being enforced by a judiciary which is separate from the state.If you want to know what Nazism is it is where laws are inscribed in stone and cannot be altered. It is where the judicary, religion and the state are all held together in one body. And where the people have no freedom over the running of their lives.I find it strange that many muslims come to the west yet still want to enforce the neo nazi regimes they escaped from.

On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=10_alexa_birth?image_id=3252?image_id=325 said:
sergbull пишет:Судя по последнему “P.S.”, лень вы победить так и не смогли Замечание по поводу алгоритмов Яндекса было для меня полезным. Спасибо!VA:F [1Ã2.1_1169]РÃ.µÐ¹Ñ‚9Â¸ÃÂ½ÃÂ³: 0 (оценок: 0)

On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=10_alexa_birth?image_id=3246?image_id=324 said:
Ils sont tres jolis, le yaourt doit participer au moelleux et a la bonne coeosrvatinn - j'ai tres envie de les essayer, j'aime bien les petits formats pour le petit dejeuner.

On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=10_alexa_birth?image_id=3251 said:
So now that you've intczeivined the link spammers to redouble their efforts to plague blogs with crappy comments, will the other hand at Google give Blogspot users the ability to update the robots.txt file so that we CAN disallow the atom/RSS feeds?

On Thu 18 May 2017 ?posting=10_alexa2?posting=10_alexa_birth?image_id said:
Great Blog!I hope you won’t mind a slightly off-topic but relative question: I’ve been blogging for nearly 4 years and I am now writing a book and two e-books. I also want to expand into freelance writing, specifically Internet writing.Do you recommend I start a separate entity (e.g. a business name other than my own name) for the freelance writing?Thanks in advance for any guidance you can share and for this valuable blog sisrC!heeet…Kent

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