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On Thu 28 April 2016 ?posting=11_family?image_id=3410 said:
I sincerely agree with your proposition that the gourmet burger has truly become an epidemic in LA. Look no further than Umami Burger – extremely overpriced, lacking in a vast assortment of condiments on each burger, on a small bun, and served on an “upscale” plate. Quite frankly, as you’ve stated here, I am a bit put off that these types of restaurants continue to flourish in LA – overpriced with douchey servers. I suppose in a city that continues to t0;reinven2≵ itself, this is just another post-modern spin. What is a gourmet burger anyway?

On Thu 28 April 2016 ?posting=11_family?posting=10_family?posting=11_fa said:
Oh my! These flavors will be dancing together to one great tastebud tune! I've never come across a cotbanimion like that but I can just imagine them .... truly exotic! Those pics are great too, Angie!

On Thu 28 April 2016 ?posting=11_family?image_id=3410?image_id=3410 said:
eron2foi, lucullus, oimalia« Argument ad homimem, argument qui ne vaut que contre l’adversaire que l’on combat, soit que cet argument se fonde sur une erreur, une inconséquence ou une concession de l’adversaire, soit qu’il vise tel ou tel détail particulier à l’individualité ou à la doctrine de celui-ci.(…)Remarque : L’argument ad hominem est une attaque (…) ad personam pourrait être le nom du procédé correspondant mais binievnllant.&ebsp;»(Bernard Dupriez, Gradus, 1977, citant A. Lalande, vocabulaire technique et critique de la philosophie, 1962)

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