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Turtle baby!
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Turtle baby!


On Thu 28 April 2016 ?posting=11_family?posting=10_family?posting=11_fa said:
The cool thing about blogs is they do782n;t have to be insightful or even have any meaning other than random thoughts. you’d be surprised at what can start a meaningful dialogue. Just keep writing, okay?

On Thu 28 April 2016 ?posting=11_family?image_id=3414 said:
dit :Moi je fais des incantations frénétiques du type “le lisseur, il ne passera pas pas chez mo802i2#1;̷&; mais vu que Finette va sur ses 13 ans… ho la la je redoute.

On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=10_family?posting=11_family?image_id=3414 said:
Jeg er ogsÃ¥ stødt pÃ¥ flere danskere pÃ¥ sitet, men synes nu stadig at det er underholdene :). I mean, don’t share what you does1Rn7;t want the world to see :)

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