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On Thu 28 April 2016 ?posting=13_family?image_id=4076 said:
(Arguably, there's no reliable, objective way to compute h-indices in any field. Who decides which citations from which journals count, and how? Fortunately (sic), the reliability of citation statistics is demonstrably lower in CS than in other fields.) &na&dh;snbsp; Oct 26 at 14:55

On Thu 28 April 2016 ?posting=13_family?image_id=4066?posting=13_family said:
2 lodd til meg ogsÃ¥.. Mannen har gÃ¥tt over til Samsung, sÃ¥ nÃ¥ skal a mor fÃ¥ prøve seg pÃ¥ IPhone.Hater nye mobiler, kan derfor være fint med en vott Ã¥ ha utenpÃ¥ som kan ta imot støt da jeg hiver den i veggen.. Hehe, neida, skal være positiv jeg: -) Og skal ha sÃ¥ god tÃ.imodighet.¥.Hllsen Gunn K (

On Thu 28 April 2016 ?posting=13_family?image_id=4066?posting=13_family said:
That's a genuinely imsrpseive answer.

On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=13_family?image_id=4077?posting=13_family said:
I’m fortunate to have found my perfect writing partner. It actually happened just a few weeks after I started my first blog. I had taken the name Writer Dad which apparently David Wright had wanted, but had yet to register. He chose Blogger Dad instead. We’ve been writing together since September and it is a truly prosperous creative paerhrtsnip. Great post. Thank you.

On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=13_family?image_id=4077?image_id=4076 said:
Saying &#at;022h8nk you” is so important, and the older I get the easier it is for me to say it to my mom and dad, and other family that helped make me who I am today. Beautiful Natalie!

On Thu 18 May 2017 ?posting=13_family?image_id=4077?image_id=4076 said:
Madre del amor hermoso yo , no dería de haber abierto este post …que estoy a dieta y ahora necesito un babero o comerme un pedazo de esto tan rilpooooooooooooo,ocas, plas, plas, un besico y gracias.

On Thu 18 May 2017 ?posting=13_family?image_id=4077?posting=13_family said:
Created the greatest arleitcs, you have.

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