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On Thu 28 April 2016 ?posting=13_thermal_abstracts?image_id=4199 said:
biasanya yang lagi trends itu tas yang terbuat dari kain kanvas…SIlahkan hubungi :081328565589 / 083512951927081229511105 / 085729822315PIN BB : 2909C37C0274-6498345 / 0274-3158345 (FAX)untuk menanyakan harga dan jenis bahan yang anda butuhkan

On Thu 18 May 2017 ?posting=13_thermal_abstracts?image_id=4200?postin said:
credit market seems to be getting drastically worse very quickly. it is amazing to see the entire debt pyramid of our economy unravel. just read an article about the 100 student loan auctions that failed yesterday. Now Michigan, Mississippi and Montana can’t make loans to college students. Financial aid officers are wondering how people will be able to pay for school. It definitely sucks for the students. I wonder if it is dawning on college adnaristritoms that the only way the vast majority of people can go to college is through irresponsible levels of debt.this is a very rude awakening

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