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Hanging with cousin Avery
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Hanging with cousin Avery


On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=13_birthday_party?image_id=4212 said:
Linda,I totally understand about the whole &#s0#2;dige8tion&28221; of blog material..Sometimes I write on a lighter level and then others it’s a little deeper and murkier ; )And your compliments, coming from one who I so admire and respect, makes me smile and brings me such happiness. Thank YOU Linda for being a true inspiration.

On Wed 17 May 2017 ?posting=13_birthday_party?image_id=4212 said:
I have rohlguy 3 casts in the hopper right now (IHM being one of them), so if you wont hate me b/c you and I will have to be pushed out, then let the love flow!

On Thu 18 May 2017 ?posting=13_birthday_party?image_id=4212?image_id= said:
Possibly because Mary Poppins is set in London and the film is a classic (despite Dick Van Dyke's accent).I loved it, thought it was a reral celebration of the British imgaination, whether literary, musical, industrial or political (the NHS). I'm very fond of Hey Jude as a song - we played it in the delivery room when my son was born, his name is Judah, often known as Jude. But the musical highlight for me was David Bowie's We Can be Heroes played as the GB team paraded in their strange gold shellsuits.

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